Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mono Blood In Phlegm Sore Throat + Blood In Phlegm?

Sore throat + blood in phlegm? - mono blood in phlegm

4ish months ago: I had a sore throat, cough with a small amount of blood in the sputum. It was gone in a week.

2ish months ago: I had mononucleosis (mono). No blood in the mucus. At one point, my glands were so swollen she could not eat for three days - and I have antibiotic effects of mono-and everything cleaned up before the end of the month.

Well, I had a sore throat for several days. There was blood in the sputum, two days ago, but he also had a nosebleed on the same day. There was blood in the sputum again this morning - most of the time.

May I make another Mononucleosis? What other conditions is this possible? I booked an appointment with the doctor, but not for 4 days more.


cwgrrl7 said...

You can even a small amount of monkeys, but the body has to fight for it, and you should feel better before the appointment with your doctor. Take Advil / Tylenol for fever and plenty of drinks and lots of juice and water, try to keep from sugary carbonated drinks too. Thus, the fluid intake is and help you rehydrate your body, which in turn help to fight effectively against the recurrence of infection.
I hope your health is going well and you feel better soon, God bless.

Bad Co. said...

I do not know if I can explain this right but here I hit the silver, which look and taste of water. Simply go to the health store and ask for money and fell just use a few times a day until the doc. Silver, for some reason begins to limit the problems of the neck.

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